About the Scan/US unlimited batch address geocoder

Scan/US Geocoder Facts

The Scan/US Geocoder: a fast, accurate, unlimited-address desktop geocoder for U.S. addresses.


On our test computer, a two-million-record test file gets coded in just 12 minutes, for an average speed of over 2,500 records a second.

If your computer is faster, your file will geocode faster, too.


Depending upon address quality, within metropolitan areas the geocoder can be street-address-accurate with a rate of up to 96 to 98 percent, with most of the remaining locations accurate to the nearest ZIP+4.


The Scan/US geocoder does not set a limit on the number of addresses you can geocode.

Many geocoders actually meter their coding, and charge on a per-thousand of addresses processed. The Scan/US Geocoder lets you code million after million, all year long.

Not a free geocoder

The Scan/US Geocoder is maintained, supported, and updated regularly. When you have a question, call our toll-free number and talk to a real person.


The Scan/US Geocoder is available in full-US coverage for $3000/year and in 8-state regional coverage for $1500. An annual license for one state is $995.


Scan/US Geocoder licensees renew their licenses year after year.

Here are some unattributed quotes from real Scan/US Geocoder customers:

"I just wouldn't want to be without it."

"We have an ongoing series of customer spotting studies, showing several thousand customers at each store. Without the Scan/US Geocoder, we would not know the geographic distribution of how far these customers are from our stores."


Installed as a productivity application on your computer running Microsoft Windows (™), the ScanUS Geocoder requires no web or internet access, and is always available to geocode a list of addresses for your projects.

Call 800 272 2687 to get started today with the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder


Scan/US Geocoder Frequently asked Questions (FAQS)

What is geocoding?

Geocoding is ... attaching latitude/longitude coordinates to a street address.

For example, "300 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205" is the street address of the Alamo Mission. When you geocode this with the Scan/US Geocoder, it attaches a longitude of -98.48672 and a latitude of 29.42598. Using these coordinates, the location of the Alamo can be shown on a map.

Do I need a desktop Geocoder?

Most mapping software has built-in geocoding capability, but it is limited. For example, in the Scan/US desktop mapping software (a different product from the desktop geocoder) each time you use the "Find Address", "Site Express", or "Go To..." utilities, you use a built-in geocoding database. The Scan/US Desktop Geocoder product gives you the ability to process thousands of addresses at one time, instead of just one.

So, when you don't have time to enter a lot of addresses by hand, you should consider desktop "batch" geocoding. Desktop geocoding lets you process an entire file containing addresses; it appends latitude/longitude coordinates to each address. Then you can plot the locations on a map.

Companies often offer batch geocoding services: they charge per thousand addresses geocoded. In fact, in addition to its desktop geocoder product, Scan/US Inc offers a $200 geocoding service which includes the first thousand successfully geocoded addresses, and $25 per thousand after that.

What does the desktop geocoder do?

The Scan/US Geocoder takes your file of street addresses as its input. It standardizes each address to U.S. postal regulations, and then assigns latitude/longitude coordinates for each address. It also adds a geographic ID of your choosing -- county, tract, or block group code -- to each address.

In other words, for each record in your file, the geocoder assigns latitude longitude coordinates to a street address, so you can locate the street address on a map.

I have a file of addresses. Can I load it into mapping software and have it display on a map?

Without coordinates, your addresses cannot be displayed as locations on a map. Scan/US Geocoder assigns location coordinates with precision, based on the exact street address or a ZIP+4 location: it can be precise enough to show your locations on the correct side of the street, on the correct block.

Why is the Scan/US Geocoder as accurate as it is?

Scan/US Geocoder references both the latest U.S. Census Bureau's TIGER street database and a 55 million record ZIP+4 database to look up your addresses and assign coordinates to them. When a matching address is found in the TIGER street database, its latitude/longitude coordinate is assigned to your address.

What happens when an exact match is not found?

When an exact street address match is not found, Scan/US Geocoder assigns a coordinate from the ZIP+4 database. Failing that, it uses a 5-digit ZIP centroid, to get you into the general vicinity of the location.

What if I just have a street intersection and not a full address?

In addition to street addresses, the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder has a full database of street intersections. If your address says, for example, "Broadway AT 116th, New York NY" or "State & Madison, Chicago IL," the desktop geocoder will find that location. The "AT" or the ampersand tells it to look for intersections.

Does the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder do address standardization?

Yes. You get better match rates when addresses have been standardized to U.S. Postal Service guidelines. The Scan/US Geocoder's addresses are already stored in this format. During processing, your addresses are standardized to those same guidelines. This minimizes the effect of address misspellings. It gives your addresses the best chance of being found in the reference databases.

Does the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder do interactive address correction?

Not in batch operation. Choosing between multiple locations for a point is only offered in the Scan/US Find Address facility, and in the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder's QuickFind utility.

Does the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder do interactive geocoding?

Not in batch mode. The Scan/US Desktop Geocoder does have a "QuickFind" utility. QuickFind will find your street address location, and immediately allow yo to make a map on the Google maps website, Google Earth, Bing Live Maps, or the Mapquest website.

Scan/US Desktop Geocoder's QuickFind dialog:

Shown above: QuickFind has found a location for 300 Alamo Plaza. The dropdown menu to select one of four 'mapping destinations' can be found at the lower right of the QuickFind dialog.

What are the system requirements for the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder?

The Scan/US Desktop Geocoder runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

Does the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder run on Mac?

If your Mac is running any of the previously mentioned versions of Windows, yes, it will run on Windows on your Mac.

Do I need an internet connection to run the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder?

An internet connection is needed only to download and install the Scan/US Geocoder. An internet connection is not required to run the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder once installed.

What file formats are supported by the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder?

The Scan/US Geocoder will read address files in Excel 97-2003 (.xls), Excel 2007-2010 (.xlsx), CSV comma delimited (.csv), Dbase/Xbase (.dbf), and Tab-delimited text (.txt) format.

When I geocode addresses, it shows the locations right up against the street, even though it is on the correct side it looks kind of bad with them all crowded together.

With the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder, you can specify an "offset distance" back from the street -- typically about 50 feet -- so it can clearly be seen on the map which side of the street your locations are on.

Does the Scan/US Geocoder put the address directly on the location of the parcel?

It does not. Like most geocoders, it knows the address ranges for the block, and interpolates between them on the block face. If you require parcel-accuracy in your location placement, you should select a different method of getting coordinates. Since no national-scope database currently exists of parcel locations, and since databases of this type are somewhat costly, the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder does not incorporate parcel-level detail./p>

Can I get the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder for just one state?

Yes. A one-state annual license for the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder is $995. When you order eight (8) states for $1500 per year, you can choose ANY eight states.

Is any other software required to make use of the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder?

All you need is any mapping software which reads records with latitude and longitude.

Is there a link where I can read more?

We hope this answers most of your questions. If not, here is the official page for the Scan/US Desktop Geocoder

If you wish to discuss this with us further, or to order now, please call the Scan/US Sales and Support line: 800-272-2687, anytime during normal business hours.